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Check out the great people that live and serve with us!


Joshua, Sharon, Arielle,  and Abigail


                                        Josh              Sharon
      Country:               USA                St. Lucia 
      DTS Training:       Grenada 09'   Barbados 97'

      YWAM Training    Equip 12'        SOFM 99'

                                                           Equip 08'
      Area of service:           Base Leaders
      In YWAM Since:  2009               1997

      Email:                  sjdanzigers@gmail.com.com

      Birthdays:            Josh-July 11, Sharon-May 25, Arielle-August 22, Abigail-January 27

We exist to glorify God and him alone. To obey his calling in our lives to go to the nations. As we have the opportunity to train and disciple young people, our passion is that they would also inherit the vision to reach the nations for God’s greater glory.

Wayne, Sharol, Esther, Eleanor Mitchell (Currently on Sabbatical)


      Country:                  Grenada and St. Lucia 
      DTS Training:          Barbados 97'

      YWAM Training       SOTB Core 98', LTS 99'
      Area of service:       Base Staff
      In YWAM Since:      1997
      Email:                      sharmitch@gmail.com

      Birthdays:                Wayne-April 22, Sharol-May 25, Esther-August 14, Naomi-April 4

Our vision is to establish the kingdom of God through the equipping of young believers & church planting among the Nations.

Christy Wall


      Country:                   USA
      DTS Training:          Barbados '97, School of Evangelism Tyler Texas '98

      Area of service:       DTS Staff, Hospitality
      In YWAM Since:      1997
      Email:                      Yea2day@gmail.com

      Birthday:                  December 14th, 1976

      Please contact by email for donation purposes!

I exist to serve God; to share his love and disciple those around me. Together we bring hope to the nations.

Moureen Rajcumar


      Country:                   Guyana
      DTS Training:          DTS 2013-14 Guyana, SOMD 2015 Guyana

      Area of service:       DTS Staff, Hospitality
      In YWAM Since:      2013
      Email:                      MoureenRajcumar@gmail.com

      Birthday:                 January 28th, 1993

      Please contact by email for donation purposes!

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