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Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Grenada was established in 1987 under the leadership of William Landis (USA) . It was primarily a training ministry, providing the Discipleship Training School (DTS) and the School Of Mission (SOM). In 1995 Shamus James (St. Lucia) took over leadership of the base. During that same year the SOM ministry was moved to YWAM Barbados and the DTS was discontinued and the focus was brought towards marriage counseling. In 2006 YWAM Grenada restarted the DTS and started a Kings Kids ministry. Sharon Eugene Danziger (St. Lucia) became the next leader in 2010. Sharon and her husband Josh are leading to base today.


YWAM Grenada's vision, mission and values is the standard that we are held to. Check out our statements and values here.

One of the main focus' for the ministry is family and community. The environment in YWAM Grenada is that where people feel belonged and loved. This help create an atmosphere for creativity and love inspired by Jesus.


YWAM Grenada is located in the northern part of the main Island in Madeys, St Patrick's. Approx. one and a half hours from  the capital, St Georges, and the airport.


    The YWAM campus is located on 1 acre of land and provides a breath taking view the rugged mountainous terrain and the villages bellow. On the 1 acre of land, we have 3 buildings; The main building which on the lower level has an open air classroom, kitchen, and prayer room. On the upper level there are 4 dorms housing base staff and DTS students. The other 2 buildings are staff housings and a guest house. Where there is not buildings we have green grass, several local fruit trees and 2 banana patches.

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