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Here at Youth With A Mission all staff are volunteers which means that we are not paid by the ministry but receive funding by friends, family, and people like you. Please consider donating to one of our staff to help fulfill their God given calling into making God known. All donations given online is tax deductible.

Youth With A Mission (YWAM)'s value #7 is "Be Broad Structured and Decentralized" this means that there is no head office or no central pot in which money is given to each ministry location. This is designed to let each ministry center to mold better into the cultures in which they are in. An effect of this is that each ministry center looks like the country they are in rather then looking like a bunch of foreigners trying to pass on their ideals. We are responsible in raising all of the support required for the ministry. Please consider donating to furthering the gospel in the nation of Grenada! Please view our Youtube page to see recent videos and e-mail us to receive our quartly newsletter.

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