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Intensive Missions Training

Next IMT :

First Weekend 27th-29th September (2024)

Final Weekend 1st-3rd November (2024)

Ywam Campus

IMT Costs:
All Students will need  EC $900


YWAM IMT Course Description:

IMT is a six-week weekend-only intensive course geared to stir up the passion in a individual towards missions. And evangelism, spirtual warfare ,whilst giving them hands on tools in inductive Bible study, and experience deep soul care to help to bring wholeness where needed.

Lecture Phase Details:

     The 6 Weekend training covers a wide range of topics where each topic is one weekend long with speakers from all around the world. Topics of the different weekends include:

1.  Soul Care

2.  Spiritual Warfare

3.  The Cross

4.  Bible Study Methods

5. Worship


WE ACCEPT: Individuals, couples, families, and single parents



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