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School of Frontier Missions

     The School of Frontier Missions (SOFM) is a second level school within Youth With A Mission and onyl those that have previously completed a DTS may attend.


Course Description:


     Through the SOFM, those who are called to "GO" as outlined in the great comission will be EQUIPPED and have what it takes to engage in Ccross-cultural missions.


Vision and Mission:


    To equip and release waves of missionaries from the Caribbean and all other countries to the nations



Lecture Phase Details:


     The 3 month Lecture phase covers a wide arrange of topics where each topic is one week long with speakers from all around the world. The different weeks include:

1.  Pioneering

2.  Transforming Cultures

3.  How to Learn

4.  Language Barrier

5.  Strategic Planning

6. Execution of team and personal vision

7. Community Development

and many many others!!!


Outreach Phase Details:


     The outreach for two months is to help prepare individuals to build a ministry plan for the nation they are going to be serving long term.



Next SOFM will be:
August 1 ~ December 16, 2017


Outreach Location:


DTS Costs, Lecture Phase:
August 1 ~ October 21 ($1,900 usd)


DTS Costs, Outreach Phase:
October 21 ~ December 16 ($2,500 usd)


Deadline for Application:
June 30, 2017 (Late applications are accepted and wanted, they are just not guaranteed to be processed in time)


WE ACCEPT: Individuals, families, and single parents




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